Difficulty Finding and Keeping a Job You Love?

Do you love your job? If you work for someone else, the answer is probably ‘no’.

How often do you think you could do a better job of owning the business you work at? Are you frequently frustrated by the lack of imagination the business owner and managers display on the job? How often do your ideas to save money or generate more money get tossed aside?

Maybe you have a history of cycling through jobs – mostly out of boredom. Do you wish you could do what you love and earn enough money to become independent from your family?

I might have an answer for you. Developing a small business or becoming a self-employed service provider or contractor means you create a business for yourself, instead of looking for a job.

You don’t provide people with a resume, like for a traditional job application – instead you provide customers with a great product or service. In return, you get happy customers, not bad bosses or co-workers.

I can help you by testing you for entrepreneurial aptitude, and if you have the necessary qualities, I provide coaching and marketing help to make your small business or self-employed consulting or service practice a success.

The key here is testing your aptitude. Wouldn’t you like to know what you’re good at?

When you know what you’re good at, and what you need help with, you can develop something unique for yourself that plays to your strengths, in a line of work that doesn’t expose your weaknesses.

Send me an email – susan@susanguggenheim-is.com – to get started. Tell me everything you want to share about your entrepreneurial history and any previous businesses you set up. I will take it from there.