Monthly Archives: January 2016

Isn’t it time to figure out what you’re going to do with your life?

Here’s what I can do –

  • Assess you for entrepreneurial aptitude – if you don’t have it, it’s much harder to succeed as an entrepreneur. Don’t waste your time or money – find out if you have what it takes.
  • Help you discover what kinds of work will make you happy – when you start your own business, you want to start with something you love, not something that makes you unhappy. Duh!
  • Teach you how to become self-employed – if you have aptitude, your next step is to learn how to create income from what you’re offering your customers.
  • Help you launch your own small business – If you have a product or service, I can teach you how to sell it.

How can you get started with me? Simple – send me an email.

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