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Informal results of a BPD employment survey

The has a thread on employment including the results of an informal survey they shared with members of that group. The thread is here –

BPD and jobs survey
BPD and jobs survey

Almost half of the 60 people surveyed do not work.

This is not surprising – there are other posts online that talk about the frustrating cycle experienced by many people with BPD of getting a job, and then losing it or quitting.  The thread linked below at – shows just how frustrating and, depressing and defeating work and employment issues are for people with BPD.

I believe we can do better than 50% employed.  By shifting our focus and purpose to helping you start a small business or become self-employed we get past your ‘past’.

Regular employment for people with BPD is difficult

Here’s the results of a literature review on studies done about people with Borderline Personality Disorder and employment. The researchers, the Randy and Lori Sansone, both MDs, looked at “11 viable studies, published between the years 1983 and 2010”.

They go on to conclude (my bolding):

“While there are a number of general outcome studies in the area of BPD, few adequately address employment outcomes in these challenging patients. Through a literature search of the PubMed and PsycINFO databases, we were able to locate 11 viable studies after implementing practical exclusion criteria. As expected, these studies vary in sample sizes, initial recruitment sites, comparison groups (when applicable), and work-outcome variables. As a result, generalizations about patient outcomes are difficult to ascertain. In very general terms, current data suggest that approximately half of patients with BPD are unemployed at follow-up, and of those who are employed, only a portion are self-sufficient. Likewise, a substantial percentage of patients subsist on disability. On a positive note, however, some studies indicate modest improvements in occupational outcome over time, and one study found dramatic improvements with the implementation of specific programming that addressed re-entry into the workforce or school. These latter types of programs warrant further investigation, as remission from symptoms, if authentic, should correlate with positive employment outcomes.”

I provide one on one coaching to help you decide if you have what it takes to start your own business or become self-employed. Being your own boss can be challenging, but I think it’s a more viable option for people with BPD than traditional work where you have a boss and co-workers.

Contact me if you’re interested in learning more.