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8 Reasons Being Self-Employed is Better Than Being an Employee

1. You are your own Boss
You make all the decisions. Not your parents, siblings, co-workers or bosses. Your customers have a say, of course, but how you run your business is yours to control.

2. You spend less, you can deduct expenses AND you will probably earn more money
Because you’re not driving to work, picking up dry cleaning or contributing to everyone else’s kids’ Girl Scout cookies campaign, you are saving money. Lots of it. You can also deduct your business expenses, plus expect to make more money than when/if you were traditionally employed.

3. No day is the same
People with BPD like routines, and you can establish the ones that help you be successful, but the high spot of any small business owner or self-employed person is the variety of problems you will resolve for your customers when you start working for yourself.

4. No daily workplace drama
You can control your workplace environment. When you’re not stressed out about the daily drama, you can relax and have more fun with your real friends, outside the workplace.

5. When you need time off because of the ups and downs of BPD, you can do that without feeling ashamed or afraid for asking
There’s no one to ask except yourself.

6. You set your own schedule – and it can accomodate your BPD
If you cannot get going in the morning, no problem, we can tailor your work to how you work best.

7. You create more value for yourself and others
The moment you decide on a service to offer or product to sell, you’re part of the larger employed and productive world out there. You’ll be doing more than just creating revenue, you will have stories and insight to offer your family and friends. You will be admired by family and friends for contributing to the world.

8. You choose your customers or clients.
This is what is so cool about self-employment – you pick the customers you take on, and you will learn how to pick customers who will make you successful.

Not everyone is ready for entrepreneurship, and that’s why you need to be tested for entrepreneurial aptitude. But if you have what it takes, you are going to love making money, making decisions and making it happen for you.