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About Me

Hi, I’m Susan and I’m here to be helpful to you!

For a few years now I’ve been holding classes and workshops for vulnerable populations to help attendees get and keep a traditional job, but also how to become self-employed or start up a small business. In Philadelphia, I’ve worked my unique program for the US Probation Service, the Free Library of Philadelphia, and shelters for victims of human trafficking and abuse.

I’m a serial entrepreneur who mixes periods of traditional employment with entrepreneurial adventure, sometimes doing both together.  So far, I’ve started up 9 businesses in 2 countries, mostly sole proprietor operations, but I have owned a restaurant with employees.

If you have trouble keeping a job, or difficulty getting a job in the first place and want to check out a new approach that might help you, simply email me. I’m sure I can provide you important information about yourself that will help you with employment issues.